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Tuesday 2 March 2010

Bugsy's Grandslam gets Professional Donations!

The Iver Heath Drama Club is pleased to announce that two members of the community have come forward to donate their time and efforts to Bugsy Malone. Please see our previous post, as we still need your help!

Vicci Mitchell-Luker is a professional vocal and dramatics coach. Based in West London she has a well established reputation in musical theatre and the West End. Vicci, was a great help in musically preparing for our last production, Sleeping Beauty and is the Musical Director for Bugsy Malone. She is donating her time free of charge - saving the club over £1000. Vicci said "There is a great talent among this group doing so much for the community."

Katie Healy is also donating her time free of charge. The professional choreographer, who despite only being 22 is well established in the dance and drama industry has also committed to the show as Bugsy Malone's Choreographer.

Bugsy Malone is very different to anything done in the club's recent past and due to increasing rent and high license fees - Bugsy needs all the help and donations it can. Terry Sharp, Director, said "Its a major challenge for a small community project like us but if we can get even more local businesses and people on board I know we can do it.

Bugsy Malone is opening this June 2010 with 5 shows during the half term. Based at the Iver Heath New Village Hall, tickets are now available on 01753 652 616 or at our website,
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