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Monday 31 March 2014

April 2014 - Panto is Cast and Summer Shows are GO!

Have you read our Constitution? Code of Conduct? or the new Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy?

By attending any IHDC event or rehearsal you agree to abide by and help enforce the rules in these documents, or if your child attends the club then you agree to do the same by default. They can all be found on the IHDC website or - along with the Robin Hood Songbook :)

Matt's Runner Up Community Champion Award
"South Bucks District Council held its Chairman’s Community and Volunteering 2014 Awards at the South Buckinghamshire clubhouse, in Stoke Poges. Winners were applauded for the work they do at an evening reception. Chairman of South Bucks District Council, councillor Santokh Chhokar said: “The evening was a great success and everyone really enjoyed themselves."

Matt didn't win the award it self - always next year! Picture at the end of the blog/newsletter.

A big well done though to Fredrick Batchelor from Iver Heath won the community champion award for his pivotal role in keeping the Iver Heath Community Library project on course.

As you may of seen in our previous newsletters we need to look at fundraising to help offset the increase in hall hire and general costs we are seeing - including inflation. We would love your ideas but also your help :)

We're also looking for a small doughnut machine. Do you own one we could borrow? Check our Facebook for more

Summer Shows

Check our Facebook for more. Dates at bottom
Our Youth team is already hard at work on their adaptation of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' whilst the adults are about to cast their comedy "Two Weddings and a Conference". Shows dates and details below.

Cinderella 2014:

Please see March's newsletter for a full report. The DVD's have now all been delivered and the first 'clip' has appeared on YouTube - just a quick note that Matt posts these on his personal YouTube, so some of the videos might not be 'family suitable'.
Pantomime: Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

"Robin Hood the 2015 has been cast. Thanks to all who auditioned I am so glad everyone will have a speaking part this year as you never fail to amaze me with your auditions and talent!" - Claire Freeman

This panto has the largest chorus ever, - in fact they have more songs and lines than the Dame and everyone who auditioned agreed to that if they were not in the main cast then they would have a speaking/singing part in the chorus - and I expect everyone who auditioned to stand by this promise 100%- the chorus MAKE the pantomime and I honestly believe we had the best chorus ever in 2014. Panto is a team effort. 

The line up is;
Robin- Lee Hall
Marian- Lucy Campling
Will Scarlet- Emily Campling
Friar Tuck- John Williams
Little John- Aidan Parr
Sheriff- Terry Sharp
Snivel- Falcon Garman
Grovel- Louis Theochari
Nellie- Matt Streuli
Bard- Carl Hopcroft
Sam- Charlie Williams & Connor Mcginn
Ella- Alice Campling & Courtney ????
Minstrel- Emily Miller
Guy of Gisburn - Abi Eady

Dates for your Diary:

Ivers' Party in the Park : Saturday 5th July 2014
Iver Rec Ground
From 2pm (tbc) @ Iver Rec Ground. IHDC has two stalls. If you have prizes or would like to volunteer to help please email - Check our Facebook for more or visit

Summer Show:  'A Midsummer's Night Dream' and 'Two Weddings and a Conference"
Iver Heath New Village Hall
Wednesday 9th July - 7:30pm
Saturday 12th July - 5:00pm
Two One-Act-Plays. The Youth Group are a 35 minute version of Shakespeare's  'A Midsummer's Night Dream' whilst the Adults are performing a 1h10 comedy called  'Two Weddings and a Conference". Tickets go on sale later this month (keep an eye on Facebook for more). The adult's show is rated 'PG'. The adult humour is similar to Shrek and whilst 'rude' in places it is unlikely that younger viewers will get all the jokes ;)

 Woking Drama Festival 2014 - Teenage Play - October 2014
Rhoda McGraw Theatre, Woking
Produced and Directed by Terry Sharp we are entering a one-act play starring just the older teens of the club. Details to follow. Can we win a 3rd award in our Three years of taking part?

Apple Day  - Late October 2014  
Home Cottage Farm, Iver Heath
From 2pm (tbc) . IHDC will be planning something similar to the Party in the Park event. If you have prizes or would like to volunteer to help please email  - Check facebook for more or

Panto 2015: Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood - Late Jan/Early Feb 2015
Iver Heath New Village Hall
Dates once confirmed will appear on IHDC Facebook. Tickets will be rising slightly compared to last year. We have already started taking bookings (Hello to Uxbridge Scouts who have booked 70? seats for the last show!)

Matt Streuli (2nd from Right) receives a 'Runner-up' certificate at South Bucks District Council awards. Thanks to Eric Streuli 

Friday 14 March 2014

PRESS RELEASE: He's our Volunteer Hero!

It is with pride and a beaming smile I am happy to confirm that Matthew Streuli has been shortlisted for a Chairman's Award from South Bucks District Council:

Matt Streuli, 24, has been a member of the Iver Heath Drama Club for around 14 years. Working his way up from a pantomime panda through to the Dame in residence, Matt's contribution has not just been on the stage - he's also a volunteer behind and in front of it which is why he has been shortlisted for the Chairman's Community and Volunteering Awards that are due to take place at the South Buckinghamshire Golf Course on Wednesday 26th March.

Matt has been the Publicity Officer, in charge of posters, programmes, YouTube videos and Facebook for almost ten years. "His work and contribution has been outstanding" said local childminder Carol Campling. "He thinks we don't notice all the things he does. But we do. I don't quite know where he finds all the time!" This year's panto had 5 out of 6 shows sell out.

Last year, the club's members voted unanimously to promote Matthew to the position of Vice-Chairman, supporting local great-grandmother Sandra Corcoran who has also won community awards for her work with the Drama club but also local Day Care Centers and the Ivers Mobility Club.

However Matthew's nomination is also recognising the personal achievements he as has made. Matthew's mother, Janet Streuli, died due to her severe alcoholism in 2003 when he was only 13. Matt's childhood was dedicated to caring for his mother. "I have always been very open about how hard it was looking after a drunk 46 year old on my own, and also about the mental health issues it has stirred in my life. IHDC has been an important cornerstone in my life; offering me the big brothers and sisters, freinds and adult role models that I lacked at home but at IHDC they help teach me important skills and talents. That's why I put 110% back into the drama club."

Matt goes onto say "I will always fight for community groups like IHDC. They keeps bored kids off the streets and give them the support and the goal of something to work towards whether its a Scouting badge or a pantomime. It helped me and we need it to keep going to help today's youngsters especially during the harsh recession"

Dispute his difficult childhood Matthew has gone on to get 12 GCSEs, 3 A Levels, a car and motorbike driving license, a personal license for selling Alcohol as well as acting highlights such as Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone and Widow Twanky in Aladdin. He is looking forward to the summer plays and the next Pantomime with is Robin Hood. Matt currently lives in his own flat in Wexham and works for Robert Bosch Ltd in Denham.

Panto director and best friend Claire Freeman said: "Iver Heath is an interesting community: in Wood Lane there are mansions worth over £1 million and yet there are people living in poverty on benefits just 10 minutes walk away. At IHDC, everyone is equal and it is fantastic to see children and adults from across the spectrum of wealth, culture, skillset and ability work together. Matt puts so much of his time and his money into the club to make sure the support it gave him is always there for the adults, teenagers and children of our area".

She went on to day "It's fantastic to see him be shortlisted and I really hope he wins an award. He deserves to win!"

The Iver Heath Drama Club was established in 1948 by John Hargreaves and members of the local Women's Institute. At the moment, it receives no government or council funding, just surviving on donations and profits from performances.The club played a vital role in the building of the current Iver Heath Village Hall which it continues to call home and to this day maintains the stage lights and stage for the club, hall and other hirers to use. The club charges a £2 a week membership fee and has the lowest pantomime ticket prices in our region.

Email  -
Telephone - Carol Campling on 07941 818 621
Photos below and on

Council contact: Claire Speirs, Community Team, 01895 837 306

Examples of Matt's posters, programmes, videos and e-Newsletters are on

Friday 7 March 2014

March 2014 - Post-Panto Report, News from the Committee and BREAKING NEWS: what is Panto 2015!

Post-Panto Report, News from the Committee and BREAKING NEWS: what is Panto 2015!

Good day! Hello!

Panto Report

So the final figures from pantomime are in and in summary, compared to Aladdin 2013, ticket sales were up but profit was down.

This year we sold more tickets than ever, taking advantage of the new License Laws and performing on a Sunday really paid off! However a lot of those tickets were either Group or Family rates. This combined with inflation etc meant that we did make a profit is was much less than last year. This is mixed news... The profit from pantomime helps subsidise the membership fees which pay for essentials such as the cost of hall rental over the next 12 months. That being said, I honestly believe that Cinderella 2014 was the best panto I was involved in. The feedback we had was amazing and from watching the DVDs I can honestly say the set, props, lights, acting... the whole thing was tip-top. Well done! It was so good, that our local Church wrote a two page review in their monthly magazine (picture online at )

News from the Committee
Whilst panto did make a profit, it was not quite big enough. We were also informed that our Wednesday rehearsal hall rate is going up, which is only fair and probably overdue, but with the threat of going up even further next year. This puts us in a difficult position. We keep our membership fees and ticket prices as low as we can to make sure we involve the entire community.

Iver Heath is an interesting community: in Wood Lane there are mansions worth over £1 million and yet there are people living in poverty on benefits just 10 minutes walk away. At IHDC, everyone is equal and it is fantastic to see children & adults from accross the spectrum of wealth, culture, skillset and ability work together.

The committee have agreed that group pricing along with general pricing for the 2015 panto will have to increase but we will keep this to a absolute minimum. We are also going to propose at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) that we maintain the current £2 weekly fee for members aged 15 and under and introduce a £3 weekly fee for those aged 16 and over. On one hand an extra £1 per week might not seem much but to each adult member it is an extra £50 (ish) a year. That increase in funding will help counter the increase in hall rental and as we are starting Panto 2015 early it does mean we spread that cost also.

Overall, we need to look at finding grants, community funding and getting the entire club involved in fundraising events - such as Party in the Park this summer.

In other news, there will be amendments to the club's Code of Conduct, regarding Health and Safety updates. We have also voted into immediate effect a new Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy. Most of it is already practiced by the club and is common sense but in 21st Century UK all organisations need a framework like this. Please do have a read (or re-read) and it will mean we will require 3-4 volunteers (parents please!!) to help Chaperone the children each show. There will also be changes to signing them in and out but we can deal with that nearer show time.

Finally, pencil in your diary the summer show dates:
Wednesday 2nd July 7:30pm

Sunday 6th July - TBC

IHDC's 2015 Panto will be.... 
by Claire Freeman: 

And Auditions are IN MARCH!!! Yes, that early...

This is due to a fantastic offer we have had from Abi Eady's mum to make us all our costumes over in Thailand! This means we need measurements for her. So we will be doing a panto workshop on Wednesday 19th and then auditions and casting on Wednesday 26th at 7pm. If you are wanting to be in panto please be there these two weeks. I know some people are busy with other commitments over the summer and plan to come back for panto... please come to these two weeks and then we will be leaving it alone until August.

I will be posting audition info up nearer the time on the Facebook page.

Auditions are open to IHDC members only. There is a smaller than normal adult main cast but there is 2 yout main parts. If you are interested in joining IHDC and auditioning then email or visit our Facebook Page. If you audition then you agree that you will be in the show's chorus/Merry Men if you do not get a main part. The chorus is a vital part of the Robin Hood and is on stage more than the Dame!

And Finally:
There will be roadworks AGAIN on the Uxbridge Road A412 (connects Iver Heath with Slough) whilst Southern Electric dig up the road and lay new power cables - again. This goes on for the next month or so. So we suggest you use other routes (go via Wexham Road and Black Park for example) or leave extra time.

Much love!

Matt Streuli

Vice Chairman of IHDC

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