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Saturday 26 March 2011

I always argued that a office job just wasn't for me. The prospect of being behind a desk, 9-5...


I love it.
I does help to have some pretty cool work colleagues and compare to the high stress and anxiety of running around looking after customers in a pub restaurant or being the vomit responder in a major theme park. Its an odd feeling, people are honestly happy and grateful for my time and help, and no one so far has been horrible, homophobic or drunk.

On my 3rd day they asked me would I like to extend my 4 weeks to 7 mnths.

So I'm now on the helpline 9-5pm, helping customers with faulty tools, lawnmowers, dremel and Skil, Bosch, Atco and Qualcast. As long as you have your receipt and its within warranty BOSCH will repair/replace free of charge (courier inclusive).

So please don't bin those reciepts! Its a standard 2years warranty from date of purchase on Dremel, Bosch Green/DIY, Bosch Garden, SKIL and Rotozip. 3 years if registered on BOSCH Blue/Professional and on Qualcast its 5years parts and 2yrs labour.

If you do bin your reciept, its your fault! Lol.

Oh and a quick side line - there is someone who is making my life and those nearest a misery. We both agree that counselling is a massive step but without it you will keep being nasty, aggressive and a arrogant wanker. Unless you help yourself, I can not help you. As my readers know I have my own issues. So until you start to help yourself and you book that appointment, I don't want you in my life - which is your fault because we both know I have tried.

Sorry to end on a low.

Much love.
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