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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Post-Panto - Cinderella 2014


This post is going to be a massive thank you.

In terms of tickets sales this has been the MOST POPULAR panto in living memory with 5 of 6 shows completely sold out. We actually turned people away at one show... It was so successful I can confirm that we have already SOLD 70 (Seventy) tickets for next years panto to Uxbridge Scouts.

Will there be a DVD?
Every year I try to produce a DVD and in more recent years I have put videos on my personal YouTube however due to demand we had one performance professionally filmed. The form is below (at very end) and you can either hand this to Carol Campling on Wednesday 5th Feb with the cash or POST it directly to Robert Simpson with a cheque by mid-Feb.

There is already some videos on

Thank you to the best-ever Chorus, the Best-Ever Tech Team and a fantastic Cast!
You may have seen some of the reviews on the Facebook page. The feedback has been AMAZING. Ann, our newest member who has been backstage manager at other amdram groups, commented on what an amazing family we are and how well behaved some people are backstage - especially compared to other groups. Claire said her 'thank yous' between the two Saturday shows which will be an extra on the DVD. Our big thank you to Claire, which consisted of Baileys and a dressing gown, was also filmed and will be on YouTube soon.

There are some amazing Photos on the Facebook page where there are two albums totalling over 200 pictures. They look amazing - Go have a look at 

At the time of typing this we have over 201 likes on Facebook. THANK YOU! This is a huge milestone.

Thank you to all the advertisers! - Programme still available, now £1!
A big thank you to everyone who advertised in our programme but also on the 'Safety Curtain'. The 'Curtain' is available to view now on YouTube but you can get your Offical Programme at any Panto Rehearsal for just £1.00. Hurry, limited stock left!

So, what does 2014 hold for IHDC?
There are plans afoot but for tonight (Wed 5h Feb) will be a party with games to celebrate a successful show.

Looking further ahead, Zoe Munro will be producing and Directing a play with the Children and younger Teens. Details to be confirmed but I know there was a rumor the youngsters thought they could do Shakespeare better than us old fogeys! Terry Sharp is looking at producing a One Act Play with the older Teenagers, possibly to enter into the Woking Drama Festival, as we recognise this 'demographic' of the club needs more attention and a boost. Whilst the Adults, well they are physically over 18!, will be reading plays over the next few weeks. There are a couple to be examined including a musical play based in World War One and a couple of comedy/farces. Dot Cosgrove has expressed an interest in producing a play which means I might get to be in a show with Claire - first time agesssss.

Finally, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support. YOU keep this club going whether it is being in the audience, promoting us on Social media, being involved in our shows or perhaps you help paint or donate a prop or sew a skirt... You are the life blood of this club and the fantastic work it does for our community.

Thank you.

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